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Leveraging Home Insurance With Roof Replacement Services

Was your roof damaged in a recent storm? The insurance claim specialists at New Image Roofing Atlanta can leverage payouts to streamline the claims process and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Atlanta’s Roof Insurance Claim Specialists

When you partner with New Image Roofing Atlanta, we maximize the value of your roofing investment. A critical aspect of that is overseeing insurance payouts and getting your home the new roof it needs at minimal cost to you. We have hands-on experience working with home insurance companies across Atlanta, so we can give you a clear idea of what you can expect from your insurance provider before your project even begins.

To achieve this goal, our inspectors follow the same estimating program as the insurance companies to provide you with realistic numbers upfront. From there, our experts file your roof claim while handling all the paperwork for you. So all you have to do is think about how much you’re saving. From payouts for hail and water damage to general wear and tear, our customers are often amazed at how much we’re able to bring their out-of-pocket costs down while getting them the new roof they need.

Residential roof with wind damage

Minimize Out-of-Pocket Roof Expenses

We leverage your homeowner’s insurance payouts to repair or replace your home’s roof at little or no cost to you.

Maximize Roof Damage Insurance Payouts

If you want to get a clearer idea of how much your insurance provider will cover the cost of roof repairs, New Image Roofing Atlanta is the partner you need. We’re a preferred contractor with State Farm, and we’re one of the few Atlanta roofing companies that can guarantee you get every dollar you deserve from the insurance company.

Get Every Dollar You Deserve
Partner with New Image Roofing Atlanta to ensure you’re taking advantage of every insurance dollar for all covered damage. Learn More.

In the event of roof damage, we can help with:

Wind Damage

If you notice shingles missing after strong winds, you may have an underlying problem that needs to be addressed to prevent further damage. We can work with you and your insurance company to resolve any roof wind damage while minimizing how much you have to pay.

Hail Damage

If hail has recently damaged your roof, we can streamline the process of filing a claim while virtually eliminating any out-of-pocket expenses. We work with you and your insurance provider to get your home the roof repairs it needs before more critical damage occurs.

Tree Damage

During a storm, trees can do serious damage to roofs, siding, and even your home’s infrastructure. We work with a range of storm damage experts to provide complete storm damage repair project management while simplifying the insurance claims process.

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection

Whether you suspect your roof has sustained severe storm damage or you want to minimize the cost of a roof replacement project, contact New Image Roofing Atlanta today. We’ll get started with a free roof inspection that assesses the overall health of your home’s roof. From there, we work with you to maximize insurance payouts to get you the roofing solution you need as cost-effectively as possible.

Roof Replacement Services

Time for a new roof? We specialize in roof replacement projects that are guaranteed to protect your home for decades.

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