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Complete Commercial Roofing Construction Services

New Image Roofing Atlanta offers full-service commercial roofing solutions for new construction projects. We specialize in working with building owners to achieve a cost-effective balance between energy efficiency and longevity.

Atlanta’s Premier New Construction Roofing Company

The experts at New Image Roofing Atlanta take pride in being the premier contractor for new construction projects throughout Georgia. With a network of project managers across the state, we can deliver estimates within 24 hours, no matter the location of your project. But what else sets New Image Roofing Atlanta from other new construction roofing contractors? To start, we guarantee:

  • A lifetime labor warranty on every roof we install
  • Owner involvement on 95% of inspections and estimates
  • Up to a 5% price match guarantee for all commercial and residential installations
  • Up to 3% construction bonds

When you take all these factors into account, you can’t find a better roofing value anywhere else in Georgia. Plus, we’re a certified Duro-Last roofing contractor, so we have the expertise for new construction projects engineered for Duro-Last roofing materials.

Full-Service Project Management

When you partner with New Image Roofing Atlanta for your next new construction project, our experts can deliver complete roofing project management at every phase of the roof construction process. From pre-construction planning and permitting to procurement and installation, we have a dedicated new construction department to simplify accountability during your next project. We also offer up to 3% roofing construction bonds to deliver financial reassurance.

Energy-Efficient Roofing Materials

If energy efficiency is a core goal of your next construction project, New Image Roofing Atlanta specializes in planning, sourcing, and procuring energy-efficient commercial roofing materials for all types of green roofing systems, including:

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A Certified Duro-Last Contractor

Today, more and more new construction projects are engineered for Duro-Last roofing materials than ever before. That’s because engineers understand the durability, energy efficiency, and performance of Duro-Last products can’t be matched by any other manufacturer in the industry. Since each Duro-Last membrane is custom manufactured for each roof prior to installation, the result is 85% fewer seams than conventional roofing systems.

As one of fewer than a dozen Duro-Last certified contractors statewide, New Image Roofing Atlanta is uniquely equipped to handle any roofing project engineered specifically for Duro-Last materials. From Duro-Last roofing membranes to Duro-Shield silicone and acrylic roof coatings, our experts can deliver a complete solution that keeps infrastructure protected for decades.

Our Price Match Guarantee

At New Image Roofing Atlanta, we understand that deciding on a roofing installation service often comes down to costs and budgetary constraints. That’s why we offer the flexibility of a 5% price match guarantee for all commercial projects. If a competitor estimates a job within 5% of our estimated cost, we’ll match their estimate while still delivering the same lifetime labor warranty and owner involvement.

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