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Supplying Roofing Materials for Any Project

No matter the scope of your next roofing project, New Image Roofing Atlanta can source and procure the roofing materials you need. We leverage a network of vendors to find you the best value for your budget, while delivering long-term reliability.

Roofing Materials We Supply

Whether you know precisely which materials you need for your roofing project, or you need some help figuring it out, New Image Roofing Atlanta is here to supply all types of roofing materials. Our roofing experts partner with a wide range of manufacturers and vendors to find you the best value in the industry. From rubber roofing materials to metal roofing materials, we simplify decision-making with upfront costs and consistent project timelines.

Not sure what you need? Our free roof inspection services offer an ideal place to start.

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To get a clearer idea of the materials you’ll need for your next roofing project, schedule a free inspection today.

New Image Roofing Atlanta also carries a full range of materials for specific residential and commercial roofing applications, including:

Metal Roofing

We can source metal roofing materials in just about any color or variation you can imagine. For commercial buildings and homes, we use metal roofing materials to deliver reliability and value you’ll be able to measure in decades. Plus, metal roofs naturally reflect sunlight for improved energy efficiency during hot Georgia summers.

New Image Roofing Atlanta carries a complete line of roll-on and spray roof coatings that protect your roofing investment, along with underlying infrastructure to maximize service life. Looking for more? Our experts also specialize in skylight installation and replacement.

Flat Roof Materials

No matter what type of flat roof you have, New Image Roofing Atlanta can source and procure flat roof materials for all your repair, maintenance, and replacement needs. From TPO and EPDM to built-up and modified bitumen roofs, our roofing experts can help you find the most cost-effective roofing materials for your infrastructure. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of flat roof storm damage, we specialize in streamlining the insurance claims process to minimize out-of-pocket material expenses.

Have a residential low-slope or flat roof? We can help you find what you need to make any repairs or replacements.

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