Metal Roofing

Full-Service Metal Roofing Solutions

New Image Roofing Atlanta offers a full range of installation, repair, and maintenance services for commercial and residential metal roofing systems. From roof installations for new construction to storm damage repairs, we can tailor our solutions to your project goals.

Our Metal Roofing Services

Whether you’re interested in replacing an existing residential roof with a metal roofing system or you want to extend the service life of a commercial roof, New Image Roofing Atlanta can help. We specialize in every aspect of metal roof installation, maintenance, and repairs. Plus, for every metal roof installation, we offer a lifetime labor warranty and up to a 5% price match guarantee for all commercial projects (other than insurance claims).

Metal Roof Spray Coatings

While one of the most significant advantages of metal roofing systems is the relative lack of maintenance they require, they can substantially benefit from protective spray coatings. Our metal spray coating solutions provide your building’s metal surfaces with an additional layer of protection from the elements, potentially extending service life by decades. We can apply silicone or acrylic protective coatings to virtually any metal surface, including metal walls, vents, and even gates.

Metal Roof Storm Damage Repairs

New Image Roofing Atlanta specializes in hail damage roof repairs for metal roofing systems. Hail damage can be painfully obvious on any metal surface and particularly so on roofs. That’s why our goal is to streamline the storm damage insurance claims process to get your roof the repairs it needs at little to no out-of-pocket cost. To keep your roof protected, we even offer a Storm Watch Program in which we send out an inspector immediately following any significant storm.

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection

Whether you need metal roof repairs, maintenance, or replacement, start with a free inspection to stay one step ahead of the roof over your head.

Metal Roof Advantages

If you’re considering installing a new metal roof on your home or building, you may be wondering about the potential benefits. To start, they offer:


A properly maintained metal roof can last from 40 to 70 years, providing a long-term roofing solution.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs naturally reflect solar heat, potentially reducing cooling costs by 10% to 25% during the hot Georgia summers.

Custom Metal Roof Colors

The possibilities for metal roof colors are virtually limitless, allowing you to add a personal touch to your home or building’s roof.


Metal roofs don’t require extensive maintenance like some other roofing systems. At the same time, they can withstand extreme winds, storms, and impacts.

Man on ladder screwing in metal panel onto roof
Man reaching down to screw in metal roof sheet

Skylight Installation and Replacement Services

On top of repair and replacement services for metal roofs, New Image Roofing Atlanta also specializes in skylight installation and replacement services for your roof. Whether you’re interested in installing a new skylight on an existing roof or you need to replace an aging one, our roofing experts can simplify every step of the project.

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For all your home or building’s metal roofing needs, contact New Image Roofing Atlanta today. When you partner with us for your next roofing project, we keep you one step ahead of the roof over your head.

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