A Certified Duro-Last Roofing Contractor

As part of our commitment to leading the roofing industry in quality and reliability, New Image Roofing Atlanta partners with Duro-Last to install and maintain commercial roofing systems that deliver reliability for decades.

Why Duro-Last?

At New Image Roofing Atlanta, we’re proud to be one fewer than a dozen certified Duro-Last roofing contractors in Georgia. At the beginning of our partnership, Duro-Last came to us because they were impressed by the reliability and craftsmanship behind the roofing systems we install. They were confident we could uphold the reputation of quality Duro-Last has become known for. Since then, we’ve been called in to oversee a multitude of projects that require the expertise of a preferred Duro-Last contractor.

But that’s enough about us—what sets Duro-Last roofing materials apart from anything else in the industry?

Fire Retardant Materials

More and more engineers are speccing out building plans for Duro-Last roofing materials. Part of the reason is the durability and reliability of a Duro-Last membrane. However, another critical reason is the fact that Duro-Last membranes are also resistant to fire, chemicals, and grease. That makes them ideally suited for buildings prone to fire damage like restaurants, manufacturing spaces, and industrial facilities. If you’re looking for an industry-best roofing material that also protects your building in an emergency, look no further than Duro-Last.

Plus, Duro-Last membranes provide your roof with a modern, white finish that reduces energy costs during hot Georgia summers. A white roof reflects the sun’s rays, rather than absorbing them, and helps keep your building cooler.

Custom Roof Membranes

With any other flat roof membrane, the material is generally cut to size at the job site and then formed to your building’s roof. With a Duro-last membrane, on the other hand, we take measurements of your building’s roof dimensions ahead of time. We then send those dimensions to Duro-Last, and they custom manufacture a unique membrane for your facility, eliminating up to 85% of seams.

Sound like a lengthy process? It isn’t. We can typically take the measurements and get your custom membrane within a week.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you’re interested in protecting your commercial building with Duro-Last roofing materials, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Why New Image Roofing Atlanta?

If you’re looking for industry-best roofing materials, Duro-Last is the obvious choice. Why, then, should you choose New Image Roofing Atlanta to install and maintain them? Beyond the fact that we’re a Preferred Duro-Last Contractor, we also deliver:

  • A lifetime labor warranty on all Duro-Last flat roof installations
  • Up to a 5% price match guarantee for all Duro-Last installations
  • Up to 3% roof construction bonding for Duro-Last projects
  • Owner involvement on all Duro-Last inspections, estimates, and installations
  • Free roof inspections and estimates

If your previous roofing system was damaged, we also specialize in streamlining the roof insurance claims process to maximize payouts and install a new Duro-Last roof, while minimizing project costs. 

New Image Roofing Atlanta can handle more than just Duro-Last roofing installations. We also carry a full range of Duro-Last products to handle smaller projects such as applying 10- and 20-year protective roof spray coatings.

close up of flat top roof that has white panel waterproofing applied

Fewer Seams Than Other Systems

Partner With New Image Roofing Atlanta

If you want to gain access to industry-best Duro-Last roofing products, partner with New Image Roofing Atlanta. As a Preferred Duro-Last Contractor, we have the skills, experience, and credibility to install a roofing system that delivers long-term reliability you can measure in decades.

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