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Full-Service Commercial Roofing Solutions for Any Industry

With straightforward roof inspections and an industry-best lifetime labor warranty, New Image Roofing Atlanta is here for all of your organization’s commercial roofing needs.

Industrial Warehouses

No matter what work you do, your warehouse needs a sturdy, reliable roof to protect valuable assets, infrastructure, and employees. New Image Roofing Atlanta specializes in designing and installing roofing systems for industrial facilities and warehouses. We use premium, fire-retardant materials like Duro-Last membranes.

Plus, we back all warehouse roof installations with a lifetime labor warranty, so your team can stay focused on hitting productivity goals without worrying about roof problems slowing you down. From frozen food distribution centers to eCommerce warehouses, New Image can handle all of your facility’s roofing needs.

Overhead view of an industrial warehouse rooftop

Apartments and Condos

Nothing frustrates tenants more than recurring infrastructure issues at your building. Make sure your roof isn’t one of those recurring problems by partnering with New Image Roofing Atlanta. Whether you want to get started right with an expertly installed roof for a new apartment building or it’s time to replace an outdated system at a condominium complex, our experts help clarify costs for all of your roofing options upfront and work with you at every stage of the project to streamline timelines.

Gas Stations

Gas station roofs protect patrons from rain and shine so they can pump their gas in comfort. From metal roof systems for gas station canopies to flat roofs for convenience stores, New Image Roofing Atlanta can provide your gas station with an upgraded appearance. Plus, our lifetime labor warranty means you can install a new roof now without having to worry about it again for a decade or more. Pair that with a 5% price match guarantee, and it’s clear why we’re the premier choice for gas station roof services throughout the state of Georgia.

Interior view of a shopping mall roof top


The last thing visitors at your mall should notice is the roof. When they do, it’s usually due to structural issues, leaks, or poor maintenance. New Image Roofing Atlanta can help you maximize shopper engagement at your mall by taking care of roof issues before they ever arise. We offer everything from free inspections and comprehensive roof replacement services to maintenance and storm watch programs to cover all of your roofing needs. When you partner with New Image Roofing Atlanta, the last thing visitors and tenants notice is your building’s roof.

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection to Get Your Next Project Started

New Image Roofing Atlanta offers comprehensive inspections to assess overall roof health and clarify project options.

Strip Malls

Is a leaky roof interfering with sales or tenant retention at your strip mall? If so, New Image Roofing Atlanta is here to pinpoint the source of the problem so you can stay focused on success. Our experts provide side-by-side roof replacement and repair cost estimates to ensure you have all of the information you need to quickly and cost effectively resolve the problem. And since we offer full-service project management, you only have to deal with a single point of contact at every stage of the project. That’s how we’re able to deliver fast-tracked timelines that eliminate downtime.

Grocery Stores

When you operate a grocery store, customer safety should be at the top of your priority list. From eliminating cross-contamination risks to ensuring customers have access to the freshest food available, store patrons need a grocer they can trust. Don’t forget to take your building’s roofing system into account when it comes to protecting customers and employees. Addressing leaky roofs before they lead to water puddles on flooring surfaces or contaminate food products is critical to keeping everyone safe at your grocery store. Fortunately, New Image Roofing Atlanta specializes in proactive maintenance plans and emergency repairs to help you prioritize safety

Retail Roofing

Roofing issues can quickly tarnish your brand’s image. The experts at New Image Roofing Atlanta make sure that roofing problems don’t lead to unhappy customers by keeping you one step ahead of your roofing system with proactive maintenance and free inspections. Since we specialize in all commercial roofing systems, we have the experience to maintain, repair, and replace your store’s roof, no matter what type of system you have.

Interior view of a grocery store rooftop

Storage Units

Without a reliable, well-maintained roof, storage units are at risk of exposing customer property to damage or destruction, leading to potential insurance liabilities. Eliminate that risk by partnering with New Image Roofing Atlanta for all of your storage facility’s roof repair and maintenance needs. We work with you to first identify the ideal roofing material for your specific facility applications. From there, our experts install and maintain every aspect of your roofing system so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re keeping customer property protected.

Distribution Centers

Keep products and infrastructure protected at your distribution center by partnering with New Image Roofing Atlanta. We not only tackle roofing problems before they start, but we also help you perform a project cost analysis to identify the most effective solution for your business’s budget. Whether you need quick repairs to get operations back up and running or you’re ready to replace the whole roofing system, our experts are here to simplify your next project while providing clear, upfront cost estimates.

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