Complete EPDM Roofing Services

If your building still uses EPDM roofing materials, New Image Roofing Atlanta can keep underlying infrastructure protected by handling everything from EPDM roof leak repairs to full replacement projects.

EPDM Roof Repairs and Maintenance

For buildings that still rely on EPDM roofing material to stay protected from the elements, New Image Roofing Atlanta can help you make the most of your existing roofing system. Whether you’re experiencing signs of aging, ponding water, or minor roof leaks, our roofing experts can pinpoint the source of the problem with a free roof inspection and provide you with a deeper understanding of all possible solutions.

For all roof repair and maintenance estimates, we provide a detailed report on the problem that includes pictures, along with recommended solutions and estimated costs. With this information, we can help you make an informed roofing decision that aligns with your project goals and budget.

Schedule a Free EPDM Roof Inspection

Whether you’re experiencing roof leaks or you want to address ponding water, our free inspections are the first step to solving your roofing problem.

EPDM Roof Replacement

There are now more options for commercial roofing materials than ever before. If your building still relies on EPDM rubber roofing, you may be considering upgrading to a more durable, reliable membrane material like TPO or Duro-Last. Or you may be content with replacing your existing EPDM roof with a new EPDM membrane. Either way, New Image Roofing Atlanta can simplify any EPDM roofing installation.

If you’d rather hold off on replacing an EPDM roof for now, we can work with you to leverage financing options and temporary repairs to extend the life of your existing roof until you have the budget for a full roof replacement.

Why Upgrade From EPDM?

If you’re still on the fence about upgrading your roof system from EPDM roofing materials, these key factors are worth considering:


Between EPDM, TPO, and Duro-Last roofing materials, EPDM is the least durable of the three. TPO and Duro-Last materials are more resistant to punctures and damage from foot traffic. Even light foot traffic may be enough to damage an EPDM rubber roof.

Energy Efficiency

TPO and Duro-Last roofing materials are also more energy efficient than comparable EPDM materials. That’s because TPO and Duro-Last provide your roofing system with a white system. These white roofs then reflect the intense sunlight of the hot Georgia summer, allowing your HVAC system to cool your building more efficiently. Since EPDM is made of black rubber, it absorbs heat from the sun during the summer, so you end up paying higher utility bills. On top of improving energy efficiency, white roofing materials like TPO and Duro-Last also provide your building with a cleaner, more modern finish than an EPDM roof.


EPDM rubber roofs are more prone to shrinking and cracking over time. As a result, EPDM roofs may require more frequent inspections and preventive maintenance to maximize their service life.

Image from above of men painting waterproofing substance onto commercial roof
view of a black epdm commercial rooftop

Partner With New Image Roofing Atlanta

Whether you’re ready to upgrade your EPDM roof to a more modern roofing system, or you simply need EPDM leak repairs, New Image Roofing Atlanta can help. Contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection, and we’ll get a roofing expert out to you within 24 hours.


Price Match Guarantee

EPDM Service Price Guarantee

Our 5% price match guarantee also applies to all EPDM roof services. That means if another roofing contractor quotes a comparable roof service within 5% of our estimated cost, we’ll match their price.

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