Case Study: Residential Leak Repair

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One of our residential roofing customers tried navigating the roof damage insurance claims process on his own after discovering a leak in his living room. The insurance company agreed to cover a $700 repair, but after enlisting the services of New Image Roofing Atlanta, we renegotiated to have the insurance company cover a $9600 full roof replacement.

The Problem

New Image Roofing Atlanta recently helped a homeowner who, like many of our customers, thought he had to navigate the roof damage insurance claims process alone. He first contacted his insurance company as soon as he discovered water leaking in his living room. After the adjuster inspected the roof, Allstate agreed to cover the cost of a $700 roof leak repair, and the customer chose to partner with New Image Roofing Atlanta to handle the repairs.

What We Found

While assessing the scope of the proposed repair, our team determined that the customer’s roof had more severe problems than an isolated leak. As a whole, the roofing system was in poor condition, and the $700 leak repair was merely a band-aid over deeper roofing issues that would have inevitably surfaced. We realized that the insurance company only wanted to cover the bare minimum, and even if we had made the leak repair, the customer would have eventually experienced larger problems later on. We knew we had to make it right.

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The Solution

Instead of making the repairs according to the insurance adjuster’s scope, New Image Roofing Atlanta provided a temporary repair to fix the leak and protect against water damage at no cost to the customer. In the meantime, we fought for a reinspection and even met with the adjuster on behalf of the homeowner for a second time to bring underlying roofing issues to light.

The Result

After fighting to have the insurance company cover more than a temporary leak repair, our experts convinced Allstate to fund a $9600 complete roof replacement. Our customer now has a beautiful architectural Owens Corning shingle roof backed by our industry-best lifetime labor warranty, and he won’t have to worry about roofing issues for years to come. He could not be happier, and he said that if he could do one thing differently, it would have been to hire New Image Roofing Atlanta from the start.

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